Our Fundamentals

Misión Grupo Open

To generate economical value with Information and Communication Technologies to the entrepreneur and social environment where we participate in.

Visión Grupo Open

To be your best Information Technology and Business partner,
Your IT & Business Partner

Valores Grupo Open

〉Honesty   〉Commitment   〉Quality   〉Loyalty   〉Respect  〉Social Responsibility

Principios Grupo Open
  • To recognize the others’ merit
  • To control one´s temper
  • Dignified treatment
  • NO to Discrimination
  • To be punctual, tidy and neat
  • NO to vanity
  • To let the others explain
  • To enjoy work
  • Dedication to work
  • To be modest, but search for excelling
Objetivos Grupo Open

To extend the limits of:
〉Products and services   〉Clients   〉Territories
To double the business value at least every 5 years